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when u cum before u get to ur favorite part of the video



when ur carrying 2 plastic bags and both of them break at the same time


i’m not sure what just happened but it feels in balance….

(Source: mrcalifornia, via anti-feminism-pro-equality)

Gorean Roleplay

Hey I’m looking for an active Gorean roleplay forum, chat site, or group that is not Second Life. I don’t have access to an actual computer right now so that isn’t an option for me. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Good Gorean role play is all I want out of life right now!


So it just occurred to me that it’s likely that none of you follow me for anti-sjw spam and the like. I’m going to make a new blog for that and go back to fun cutesy shit I promise! So yeah, sorry about all that.

Rant on "Otherkin" →


You are not a dragon.

You are not a deer.

You are not a faerie.

You don’t carry DNA from another species.

You were born a human. Stop pretending you’re something else. You don’t need to pretend you have a tail or wings or scales or claws to stick out in the crowd.

One day, some little kid is…

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